Rainy Day

Sometimes it’s near-impossible to come up with anything to say about our music, other peoples’ music, or the music business in general. I’m sitting here watching an FTP uploader in progress, trying to re-write the BlancoMusic website from scratch, because the last version of the site got mercilessly hacked by a bunch of freeloading scumbags who thought it would be fun to help themselves to the music files on sale there, plus distribute a whole gamut of their own content on various nodes of the site. We just had a chat here in the office about music, and our part in it. How far and distant we are now from a year ago when we started out. Back then we had the naive view that as long as the music was good enough, that people would hear it and buy it. Well, the music’s good enough, but it turns out that the decision that most people make to buy a piece of music is more often prompted by the publicity and promotion that surround it than by how it actually sounds. We knew that was the case with the likes of Lady GaGa, we just really believed that there was a contingent of people around the world who were more savvy about music than that.

So now, when I should be enthusing you about the new music that’s being made here at BlancoMusic (lots of really astounding Piano Segundo material, plus some more from Vanito Brown), I’m actually trying desperately to get the label’s public face back to where it was a month ago. We should be building, instead we’re repairing. It doesn’t make me happy or optimistic about the future of music. We’ve had the filesharing debate on here a number of times, and you all know that I’m not a fan of anonymous individuals distributing the work of an artist without their permission. Imagine how I feel about someone coming to our website, hacking into the unprepared site I spent weeks building, helping themselves to copies of music that took months to write, compose, play and record (and from which a number of people I consider to be my friends had hoped to derive an honest income), and probably, ‘sharing’ those files with innumerable faceless, anonymous fucktards all over the world. Hey hacker guys, thanks for doing your bit in ‘liberating’ the art. Really altruistic. By the way, I hate you.


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