Hooray, it’s done!

Well, finally the BlancoMusic webpage is up and running. It’s where it always was, at http://blancomusic.com, but now features much more music than before. It’s been a while coming, mainly due to the time it takes to learn how to do things like making websites. I could probably make another one in a day, now that I know what to do, but it’s been a hair-tearing month. The only rule of thumb seems to have been that the simple things I expected to happen really quickly took ages, and, happily, most of the seemingly complicated things were actually easy enough. It’s no prize-winner, and it still has some evolution to come, but it’ll do for now.

The idea was not so much to create a website that is beautiful to look at or that was remarkable in its own right. I think there’s a lot of wasted energy in the music business right now, much of it being spent on having websites that look slick and professional, where actually, if your goal is to promote your music, your website only really needs to be a way of offering content. In bricks and mortar terms – it’s a shelf. Right now our next goal is to get more stuff onto the shelves – more music, more acts, more content. OK, we’ll acknowledge that Music 2.0 is a reality – some of that content should be stuff like concert footage, video of the records being made, interviews, etc. It’s not up there yet – give me some time – but now we have the capability to get those things out to our adoring public. Fan outreach – seemingly the panacea to all of the music industry’s current ills. At least we’ll have that end of things sorted out.


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