Still here, still working on the website

Well, for those faithful souls who are still turning up here to read all about the goings on at BlancoMusic, thanks for your patience. Priority number one is still, currently, rebuilding our website to the point where it’s a bit less of a thing of beauty and more of a thing of form. It’s not the the website is bad particularly, just that we want to be able to put material up there as and when we feel like it, without going to the trouble and expense of keeping a webdesigner on a retainer permanently. What this boils down to is that I’m learning how to design and build webpages. It’s slow going, but I’m definitely making progress. Unfortunately, it’s taking a lot of time and concentration, which means I can’t get on here and rant about the state of the music business. Actually, I have no clue what the state of the music business is right now. Perhaps it’s all collapsed whilst I’ve been away. Oh well, at least I have a new skill.


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