Today I am taking on yet another role. This time I am pretending to be a web developer. Our website is proving to be a bit of a strain. On us, but more importantly, on our potential fans/users. We’ve had quite a few reports back at this point, telling us that it’s really difficult to get to the music on the site, that the menus don’t work properly, that the site is too difficult to navigate. This is excruciating to hear. For one thing, the website as it stands represents an investment of some three-thousand pounds, from design to implementation. It also involved two separate web designers and one graphic designer. It took AGES. And the damned thing still doesn’t work properly. The fact that I’m writing this blog from WordPress will show you how frustrating this has been, because the domain was always supposed to have contained a blog, and this material should have gone straight there. That stuff is frustrating, certainly. What is far more frustrating is that there are months and months’ worth of people who have come to the site, found it an unsatisfactory experience, and have left. Probably never to return. The site exists as a stopping off point to learn about our artists, listen to the music, view the images and video and buy the music. It’s no secret that in the music 2.0 environment, it’s suicidal to skimp on any aspect of the fanbase interaction, or make the experience in any way less than inclusive or enjoyable. Well, we’re making a mess of that.

So I’m chin-deep in Drupal right now, trying to get my head round concepts, vocabulary and actions that I am clearly unable to grasp just yet. So far, i haven’t even managed to install the application that will be the backbone of the entire process. I think I can manage to install a version in Hebrew – there’s a video tutorial on that, but there are so many little actions that the developers take for granted that you already know how to do, getting it up and running in a language I understand seems impossible.

That said, we’re determined folk here at Blanco, and I will get this sorted out soon. Watch this space.


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