Well, so much for the prospect of getting a proper informed blogpost written today. I was expecting that the place would be really quiet this morning, what with a very successful interview and gig recorded and broadcast on Spanish radio yesterday. Seemed to me that the evening would be spent building up to an immense hangover this morning and that in the quietness of the thick-headed, I would write to my heart’s content. Not at all. Got in this morning to find the office saturated with musicians. I assume they were all feeling so bouncy and ebullient after the experience that they managed to entertain themselves without going to excess.

Still, the show was beyond what we could ever have hoped for. Rocio had lots of time to prepare her voice, there was a rehearsal space for everyone to get limbered up, and the sonic setup was top-notch. It gave Mil i Maria – an incredible act – the chance to really show what they are capable of. Every band has a weird alchemy that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. The real trick is not giving a great performance when everything is going well, but to limit the damage when things aren’t coming together as well as they should. That’s where experience really starts to be valuable – in damage limitation. Mil i Maria have been together for just over a year, so the truth is, they really have very, very little experience. To go onto a national broadcast with a year’s experience and just blow it away, you cannot even begin to understand how incredibly proud I am of them.

The presenter of the show interspersed the live numbers with a couple of tracks direct from the album, which was an unexpected bonus. Even though the band were on form on the live recording, it was a nice way to relieve the pressure, making sure that the audience got to hear the studio product too. All in all, very happy. Still, I wasn’t expecting to get in here today and find the place aswarm. Well, some of the people here are working on a different project – the Vanito Brown record. Vanito brought a Cuban frined of his with him – a man with the deepest voice I think I have ever heard. He’ll be doing backing vocals on one of the tracks Vanito’s cutting right now in the studio. If you know Cuban music, you’ll know who the guy is, but the truth is that I didn’t actually catch his name. I’ll find out as soon as I can and let you know. There’s professionalism, eh! BlancoMusic – where we don’t even remember the names of our artists!

Mil i Maria are currently racing around the office, gathering up everything they can grab before heading off to the airport, and thence to Berlin and Hamburg for their mini-tour. Berlin and Hamburg – two cities intertwined with the history of modern pop/rock music. Rawle (their bass-player) was apprehensive about the radio gig yesterday, wishing that it could have been after the German tour. He figured it would be best if the band were nice and tight after a few shows, well-rehearsed and upbeat, and could bring that energy to the broadcast. Now it actually looks like the broadcast will do that job for the tour!

If you are interested, or if you want to practise your Spanish, they’re about an hour and a quarter into the program below:


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