On the beer

Well, Mil i Maria have their first national radio gig today, in an hour or two’s time. This is a pretty big break for them and they’ve gotten here early, to wait for the car from the station. Things are getting a bit loud, as they’ve brought beer with them. Of course, they have every right to calm their nerves in whichever way they see best fit, so I’m not going to get all tight-lipped and schoolmarmish about it. Hope they don’t get too ratted before playing though. But then, I hope they do a good warm-up before they go on; and that they don’t blather on too much in the interview; or that they make sure that they don’t stay too quiet either; or that Ro’s voice holds up; or….

What I’m saying is essentially that I think I might just be slightly more nervous about this than they are.

Anyway, sorry about this, but I should have done the blogpost this morning. Things in the office here are demanding my attention and I’d better go see to them. Needless to say, there should be plenty of quiet time for me to write a nice considered post tomorrow morning – hangovers and long lie-ins seem likely. Spotify are back in the news AGAIN, so I’ll probably have a rant about that.

If you’re interested, the show goes out on Radio Nacional de Espana’s ‘Como lo Oyes’ programme,on Radio Tres at six o’clock European time. There’ll be a podcast of the show tomorrow, which I’ll link to once the station puts it up.


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