Some radio time

Well, some good news for us, not huge, but good nonetheless.  According to Radio Tres – the Spanish national music station, they had indeed lost our e-mail address. Or something like that. I got a bit fed up waiting demurely for a response to a mail I’d sent them about one of our acts playing a live set on air, so I hassled them a bit, along the lines of ‘look, are you going to have us on the show or what? I’m fed up waiting for an answer’. Well, they got back, with a  bit of an ‘err, the dog ate it’ kind of churlishness and apologized. Mil i Maria will be on their drivetime show from 6-7pm on Tuesday 27th April. Phew, I’d really begun to lose heart.

The upshot of this, for any of you out there who are in bands, or represent anyone who is, is that there are still inroads to national exposure, without recourse to professional pr agencies and their fees. Obviously though, there is no point being too demure. Honestly, if this had happened just a few months ago I’d have felt too shy to re-approach the station after the initial dialogue. I’d just have put it down to the whims of the people at the top of the musical food chain having turned against us somehow. Now, with about six months’ worth of righteous anger at the difficulties of getting profile for decent acts behind me, I go in with the polite-but-firm approach. Frankly, there’s nothing to be gained from being timid in this business. If we can bring an unknown, debut act with no significant cult following or fanbase to national radio, there really is nothing to say that anyone else can’t either.

Be brave and keep your chin up.


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