A week or two ago I mentioned the appalling lack of visual imagery we have to accompany the music of Piano Segundo and SubMachena. It’s pretty obvious that we don’t have the time to go commissioning a designer to do the work for us, especially on a ‘well, we don’t really know what we want, just, like, stuff, for album covers and posters and press releases and stuff…’ basis. So, having used photoshop once or twice, about a decade ago, and assuming it hadn’t changed much in the intervening years, I piped up with my signature passive-aggressive arrogance: ‘I’ll see what I can throw together’. What you see above is the result of a day or so’s worth of clutching my head and muttering ‘I don’t recognise ANY of this – has Photoshop changed or has my brain just been melted away by parenthood and cheap red wine?’.

Those of you who do know a bit about graphic design will laugh and splutter at the image. True, it is little more than the application of a few filters and a bit of stock-font text. However, it’s literally my first time even opening photoshop in ten years, and honestly, it’s just a preliminary sketch. I’ll get better.

Anyway, a text-poor post today, but I thought you might find this as interesting as my usual waffling.


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