Just a quick note today to let you all know that there won’t be a proper blogpost today, or much else really. My son’s school just phoned to say that he’s a bit sick and needs to go home. So I’m off to get him, and will probably be pretty busy for the rest of the day looking after him.

Actually, I do want to address something related, whilst I’m here. When I started out writing this blog it was with a view to creating a space where readers could come to read about things here at BlancoMusic, as well as where they could read some perspectives on happenings in the music industry from a small label’s point of view. That continues to be the case, and I still want to do that. However, my vow to update the blog on a daily basis is proving to be a bit of a strain. I’m not suggesting that I stop doing so, but I think I’ll limit the big commenty posts to one or two a week, and just do something a bit shorter and simpler on the remaining days. It’s just been bothering me lately that the posts don’t have the depth of thought or clarity of expression that I really want to give them. Chucking out a thousand words a day is easy enough, but making sure that they’re at a level of quality similar to the pages you read in the printed press, at that sort of volume, is not within my capabilities. So I’m going to go now, pick up my son, and concentrate on writing something over the next day or two that will be worth your while to read.


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  1. Hope your son gets better. Just a little note to say thanks for your insights and info into the current state of the music biz…as it is…

    Very enjoyable and informative read, I’m an English musician/music producer/DJ newly based in Lisbon, Portugal, nice to read someone with a fresh opinion and approach to filesharing/streaming/vinyl/being a musician nowadays!!!

    Keep up the good work!

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