What day is it again?

Hi all, of course I know what day it is, it’s Thursday. That means I get to give my brain a bit of a break and make the blogpost a simple posting of this week’s Thursday Tune. Well, I’ll do that right now:


I first heard this tune whilst driving. There’s a little roll of bass/sub-bass just before the track ends that I honestly thought was something wrong with one of my wheels. Thought I’d had a blowout or something. I hope that doesn’t destroy your enjoyment of the music. If you are driving and you hear a funny rumble, check your tyre-pressure anyway. Never hurts.

Alright, back tomorrow with another of my walls-of-text, possibly in response to the now-famous (amongst musicians anyway) graphic breakdown of how many sales/streams it takes for a musician to make minimum wage, from the Information is Beautiful website. Or maybe not.


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