Thursday tune, tune Thursday

Well, yesterday’s post saw me in a bit of a panic due to not having any promotional material to send to Canada for SubMachena and Piano Segundo. I did vaguely recall having written some general descriptions, but now that I’ve found them, they don’t exactly leap off the page and zing. Problem is that I wrote them for Wikipedia entries, and was trying to keep all the value-judgments out of them so that the slightly over-zealous wiki-editors would let the descriptions onto the site. It didn’t work, they wouldn’t let me post them anyway, but all the same, I’m left with a couple of horribly dry paragraphs that read like a PVC windows brochure written by the boss’s sixth-former daughter. Here, have a look:


SubMachena is a musical project largely helmed by Robin Taylor-Firth and Rawle Bruce. The two have collaborated previously in Olive and BudNubac. Another link to BudNubac is the vocalist Sara Garvey who features in both acts. SubMachena is part of the expanding roster of talent recording with Blanco Music, although the act also remixes material originating from other labels (eg. Gelka’s So Many Ways on Wax On Records). SubMachena’s sound is an often-dark electronic reworking of Caribbean influences.

Piano Segundo

A musical project of Robin Taylor-Firth’s, one of the acts on the Blanco Music label. Based near Madrid, Spain, Piano Segundo is an act in which piano and keyboard are placed in the forefront of the musical composition, whilst remaining contemporary, driven and accessible. In style, the act recalls funk, soul and latin keyboard players such as Joao Donato or Alex del Zoppo. Piano Segundo has collaborated with acts such as Gelka (Wax On Records), whose So Many Ways is available in a Piano Segundo remix.

See, not going to do it for ‘da yoof’, is it? Well, yesterday I used a bunch of adjectives to describe Subma. ‘Chunky’ was one. That’s a bit more like it. Dark, menacing basslines, dub effects that make your brain bounce around your head, dirty beats and gnarly grooves. It’s all true. This stuff doesn’t come naturally to me though.  What I’m going to do is save the promoters from the discomfort of reading over-inflated puff nonsense and just add a couple of links. Click on the link and listen. Strikes me as a bit more dignified than coming up with a load of that ‘how we roll’ nonsense that litters the world of music press-releases. What’s really more likely to interest a promoter about SubMachena and Piano Segundo is that they are both tw0-person acts (with occasional guests), and that both those people are the same in each act. Which means that if you have one act playing one night, you can have the other act playing the next, on a small stage, with minimal equipment and maximum dancefloor effect. Contrast that with the equally valid BudNubac, who, although they absolutely rock live, number 11 people onstage. Each of them with equipment, instruments and needing a space on the bus. It’s just not possible to give adequate tour support to a band that big unless they’re selling millions of records. And although the label’s doing quite nicely, thank you very much, millions of records sold will have to wait a little while yet.

Here’s the Thursday tune for this week. It’s not SubMachena or Piano Segundo, whom you will probably be able to see live somewhere near you soon, but by BudNubac, whom you won’t. This is another reason why the music industry needs help, because bands like this should be able to tour.


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