Long weekend, long tune, short post

Here in Spain they don’t bother with all that St. Patrick’s day nonsense, but tomorrow is San Jose’s day, which is a public holiday. That means no blogpost tomorrow because it is father’s day, and I shall be busy being revered by my children for my paternal brilliance. San Jose is the Spanish way of referring to St. Joseph – that rather undervalued chippie who brought Jesus up as his own and never, according to any Bible I’ve ever read, muttered darkly under his breath about having to work his fingers to the bone to put bread in someone else’s kid’s mouth. Seems by all accounts to have been the perfect stepdad, so good on ‘im, far more worthy of a day’s beer-guzzling than St. Patrick and his cheap showy snake-ridding miracles.

Today though, is the most important day of the week at BlancoMusic, being that it is Thursday, and hence the day we host the Thursday Tune. Today’s is genuinely special. Literally two days old, still buzzing from the studio, and a reaction to the welcome arrival of spring here in Madrid after what seems like a seven-month winter. One of the reasons we are based here is that the British music scene is going through a very dark and cynical period right now. It seems as if the doom and gloom the industry faces is exaggerated there, so much so that it is leaching into the music that is filling their charts and columns. Hell, we all get moody and dark at times, but there seems to be a support network there that consists of gallows-humour and competitive skepticism. It’s remarkably seductive. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, and a lot of the people I communicate with via the platform are in the British music industry. I will admit that their jaded, withering feyness is seductive and entertaining at times, no-one does jaundiced humour better than the British. Tht said, it’s also nice to be able to get back into the Spanish sunshiny, lazy ‘manana’ vibe. Whilst we can’t quite bottle and sell an attitude, we can hope that some of it comes across in the music, so today’s tune is the distilled essence of what we feel BlancoMusic is. I hope it makes you feel warm and puts a smile on your face.



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