The Friday that nothing happened

I do try to be topical, honestly I do. All this stuff about Abbey Road and EMI and OK! Go takes research, contacts, and a constant trawling though the press releases and music columns every day. But sometimes there are days when nothing much really happens. Perhaps it’s because it’s Friday. After all, if like Elio Leoni-Sceti – newly resigned Chief Executive Officer of EMI, there’s no point waiting until the end of the week to quit your job, you may as well do it early in the week and spend the time catching up with all those little jobs you needed to do around the house. Makes sense.

The big ‘news’ is the Lady GaGa/Beyonce video released last night. Hard to come up with anything deep to say about this really. It’s cabaret, it’s burlesque, it has moments of being slightly funny. Sounds like mid-90s girlband pop, apart from the bit where Beyonce features, throwing GaGa’s lack of a credible pop voice into very stark relief. Anyone else would be slow to put themselves into a position where they could be so easily and obviously outclassed, but that’s not how things work in GaGa land. Plaster enough irony, hype and the kind of skimpy costumes that somehow get classed as ’empowering’ to women instead of exploitative (like it makes a difference to the teenage lad with a firm grip on his…) and she can get away with anything. She’s great at what she does, shame on us for being interested. If one good thing comes out of this it will be the denouement of the stark fact that pop success is now based more upon stage image, product placement, pre-op transsexuals and nipple tassels.

I’m not that bothered really. It’s not like she’s tramping on our territory or anything. We also have an artist who shaved her head onstage once, so it’s not like we’re above a bit of sensationalism ourselves.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend, I can’t really get a decent blogpost rage up right now, so I’ll quit before this gets too dull.

Here’s a link to the artist who shaved her head onstage:


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