Picked this up from CMU Weekly:

Pixies frontman Black Francis says he’d perform early albums ‘Come On Pilgrim’ and ‘Surferosa’ for the right price: “We’re interested in anything that’s going to earn us a fair wage. It’s not to say it’s not about art, but we made that art fucking twenty years ago. So forget the fucking goddamn art. This ain’t about the art anymore. I did the arty farty part. Now it’s time to talk about the money”

This in the same week as Sting was featured in The Guardian squirming under questioning, following his private £1-2m concert at the behest of Uzbek dictator’s daughter, Gulnara Karimova.

What else? Meatloaf’s next album, due in April, will feature the hitherto undiscovered musical genius of none other than Hugh Laurie, and will feature songs written by American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi.

I get the feeling that the established acts in the music industry are not exactly leading by good example here. Despite being financially comfortable to an extent that many small countries aspire to, the reaction of the musical overlords to the world economic crisis/filesharing situation is to entrench themselves in cynicism and greed. It doesn’t make it easy to plead the case of musicians as victims when certain of their number act in this way.

http://blancomusic.com, not playing gigs to dictators’ daughters.


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