Thursday Tune

If you follow us elsewhere, you’ll know about this. If not, I’ll explain now. We want people to hear our music and spread the word. However, we don’t think it does anything but cheapen the idea of music as a valuable and essential craft/art to give copies of our musicians’ hard work away. So what I do is put up a link to a tune that you can listen to, for a week, and then I take it down again. I do this every Thursday, at around midday GMT.

The thing is, these tunes are not for sale, are not released yet, and I won’t even tell you what they’re called. Suffice to say that they are by acts that are in some way connected with BlancoMusic. If you like the tune, hang around, we’ll make it available at some point. It’s all about creating an identity for the label, not the act. Just our way of doing things. People keep saying that the music industry has to start being a bit creative if it wants to survive. Personally, I already consider making music to be more creative than most people manage, but the mob demands, so the mob gets.

Here’s a link to the tune.


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