A bit of reality

Ok, so those of you who know me from my Twitter and FaceBook accounts will probably have been disappointed by my first two posts. You’ll have figured out that they were written some time ago and I just pasted them in to get started, get a bit of content on here. Those of you who follow my thoughts on the social web will know that I tend not to put too much of a buffer between what I’m thinking and what I write. So that means that, when I look around myself and remember that I’m working in the music industry and have, more or less, a free rein in terms of how I pursue my goals therein, I tend to be very happy and that shows in what I write. The other side of that is that when I’m feeling a bit depressed and powerless, I write about that too. The music industry right now is, well, who knows? If there’s one thing that is incontrovertible, it’s that nobody has any real clue about the business right now, whether it will even exist in a decade’s time, or whether it will become stronger and more relevant than ever before. The opportunity exists for it to go either way. So sometimes I look at our little slice of it here at BlancoMusic and I really feel like crying, like just giving up and getting a proper job, cleaning toilets or something. The sheer difficulty of carving out a little sliver of peoples’ time to listen to our songs in the ‘attention economy’ is gargantuan. In general, everybody who hears the music we have likes it or respects it, and that is a wonderful feeling. Getting people to actually listen though, that makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes. Luckily, thanks to a little adventure with a set of electric clippers over the weekend, the longest hairs I have on my head right now are the ones coming out of my nose, so that’s not an option.


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