Well, the music is obviously what it’s all about.  To anyone who calls bull on that statement and says we’re just in it for the money, I’d just have to tell them that they’re wrong.  Frankly, if all we’d wanted was money, Blanco wouldn’t exist.  The artists and music that we have to offer are valuable, major labels have offered various sums already.  If you want to project cynical energy onto us, better that you call us a bunch of control freaks, because it’s much more about being able to control things than it is about getting rich.  IN all honesty, I’ll be surprised if anyone gets rich through Blanco, but if the musicians that work with us can become financially comfortable enough to exist just as musicians, instead of fitting that in between the mountains of organisation and plugging and simpering that they actually have to spend the majority of their time doing, then Blanco will have worked.  Who knows, maybe we will get rich.  That will only happen if we can get music to people that’s so good that millions of people love it so much they want to pay to own it.  Which is what we’re trying to do anyway.


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  1. JoJo

    Yeah, and i’m sure your idea of not rich is pretty different from mine. Music is for the people.

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